Want to Know About Email Sending Process?

Definitely, email is one of the excellent ways of communicating with your family and friends no matter, where you are in the world. If you are working in an office or just use a computer routinely, you can send and receive dozens and dozens of emails every day. When you just click on Send button, you should know how it receives to the right place. Basically, email is a text message transferring from one user to another user. With the advancement of technology, there are so many exciting features added in the email along a way like file attachments, embedded maps, images and links and so on. If you are using an email, first of all, you must understand the email sending process and then make use of it more efficiently.

Step by step procedures to send an email

When you send and receive email, you can make use of an email client that permits you to make and communicate with emails from other system users. Also, your email client can be fully online based, which means you have to verify it via the web browser like Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail or it can be any application on your system like Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird. The following step by step procedures on how to send an email by using a Gmail account.

Requirements you will need

  • A system with reliable internet connection
  • An email account set up and ready to send and receive emails

Methods to send an email

  • Initially, you just log into the Gmail account, so that you are on a dashboard of your email account
  • Now, you click on ‘Compose’ button
  • Next, a new blank email window will prompt up. In the ‘To’ field, you have to type a recipient’s email address
  • In a ‘Subject’ field, you should mention a topic or an idea of your mail
  • If you mention email address in CC field, the person will get a copy of email and also the entire receivers can see this email address
  • If you mention email address in Bcc column, then the individual will get a copy of email, but no other person can view that email address
  • In order to keep your mail confidential, it is better to add the email address in a Bcc field
  • In the Body section, you may need to include the text messages that you wish to convey to your recipient.
  • To add a link in your email body, you just click on ‘Insert’ link icon and then add ‘Text to Display’, then add an email or web address
  • And then, you click on OK button to send an email to your recipient
  • When you are happy with your email, finally, you just click on ‘Send’ button available in blue colour of a composing window

Therefore, these are all steps of email sending process. Let’s understand and learn it to use. However, if we’d learn deeper about how the process work at servers, we’d read about smtps, pop3 and other terms.